Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Running a Mile

Over the past few years I have wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon. It has always been kind of on the back burner or something that would be cool to do. I have told myself I’ll start next week or I’m to busy to train for it right now. Their always seemed to be a reason for me not to do it. Needless to say i have started train to improve my mile time. It seems that I while have enough time to work on that distance and not feel overwhelmed.
Last night I tested to see where my mile time is at. 6.52 not a great time but it is under 7 min so i will take it because that is what i got. my laps were as follows.

lap 1 1.37
lap 2 1.47
lap 3 1.45
lap 4 1.42
total 6.52.80
My goal as of today is to get my mile time down to 5.30 ish. I feel like that is a good mile time for a 32 year old. I’m going to be running 4-5 times a week to work on this goal. The other part of this goal is to get my turn over speed to 180 steps per min. To help do this I’m listening to Kaizen Run Podcast by Caleb Scoville.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Weight Loss

With the new year just around the corner a few things have come to the forefront of my mind. One of which is the gym and how it will seem that everyone and their dog is going to be there for the next six weeks of so, as they try to reach their  new years resolutions of getting in shape or losing weight. Many of these individuals well go to the gym for the first time in many months or even for their first time ever and do a work out they found online or from a fitness magazine. They will make it through the work out then spend the next week recovering from that workout then they give up with trying to get in shape because its too hard or because of the experience they had with that one workout. When what they need to do is ease in to it by starting at the right level of exercise for their fitness level.

Many people do the same thing with their eating habits. They start out doing too much by going on a diet or a cleanse. Just like at the gym you need to take baby steps. First you need to know what you are currently eating. By tracking your food intake for two to three weeks without missing a day this can be as simple as just write down what food you have had that day. Then you move on to counting how many calories you are eating a day. Once you have track you caloric intake for several weeks  you then can take a step back and see where you are at and if you are eating to much or eating to little. ( And yes it does happen. You cant loss weight if  you are not eating enough food) Then you make a small change to your eating by decreasing  your caloric intake by about 10%. as you do this you still keep track of you food intake. Once you have been able to form a habit of tracking your food you will want to find out the caloric need to maintain the body weight you are looking to reach and every few week low your caloric intake slowly until you reach your desired weight.

Know this is a very simple way to look at nutrition, but you need to understand this is a starting point. Once you form good habits you then can start looking at your macro-nutrition and move on to other areas of ways to improve your caloric intake.            


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

At the beginning again.

Trying to improve my life I will be going to college to earn a degree this is not the first time i have tried to go to college. Over the years I have tried several time but with no success at sticking at it. When first starting a semester i would be very up beat and happy to be there. After three week or so the feeling of how great it was to be in school would leave.And I would start telling my self I can miss a day it's OK not to go this morning your tired you need your sleep to. One day turns in to Two and Two turns in to a Four. Then before you realized it. its been two week scenes you have gone to class. and you feel like it easier to just not go then to try and make up the class assignment.

This has been my cycle with school I'm hoping to break the cycle by going to a nontraditional school. here is hoping for the best.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

   On Wednesday a friend and I went for a run with the goal if doing a speed workout. The plan was an one mile warm up speed around 10 min mile then 4 x 400 meter repeats. On the first lap around the track i ran a 1:09 with a three min recover. Second time around 1:20 with a two min recovery. The third time a round the track I ran a 1:25. then a one min recover about 30 seconds in to the recovery i know i did not have anther one in me. I started to cough so hard i felt like i was going to empty my stomach. Scott was not doing much better. I decided i was done running 400 meters for the day. Scott and I walked slowly to the REC parking lot so we could finish are workout with a 5k easy run.
   Doing a speed type workout really oped my eyes to how i need to incorporate more of this style of work in to my weekly running. I have found very different type of speed workout from running hill, Fartlek (speed play) in Swedish, and tempo runs. All of which help make you fun faster. I look forward to trying defendant speed workout ever week and seeing how they help make a faster runner.    

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello once again online work. I just started a new swimming plan I've done two of workout so far go good. For the last few month I have had a difficult time with swimming. I would go to the local REC and swim for 15 to 20 min doing a total of 700 meters to 900, meter if it was a good day. I was feeling like i couldn't make any progress. I was feeling very stuck. That is one of the reason i got the a swim plan. I do a lot better if i am going to the pool with a workout in hand. With just the first two workout I'm now 1200 to 1350 meters swimming workout. It has really helped with how i feel about my swimming. I feel like I'm make progress again.    

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting ready to run Ragnar.

My cousins wife is a Team Captain for a Ragnar team this year. A few weeks ago she asked if i would be interested in running on her team. My initial response was sure i would love to run on a Ragnar team. Then about a week later she had to tell me that the spot that i was going to take was filled by someone else, which made me a little upset. I had gotten really pumped up for the race. Then about four days i got a massage asking if i could still run for them. A painterly two of the other runners could not run. So now they try to fill several spot at the last minute.

I just found out what legsof the race i well be doing. i get the secound longest and one of the hardest ya for me. Im going to be runner 11.

Runner Distances

Runner1st Leg2nd Leg3rd LegTotal
17.7 miles | Very Hard8.2 miles | Very Hard5.0 miles | Moderate20.9 miles
27.7 miles | Very Hard3.0 miles | Easy3.3 miles | Easy14 miles
36.7 miles | Hard4.9 miles | Moderate7.5 miles | Hard19.1 miles
44.3 miles | Moderate4.2 miles | Easy6.1 miles | Very Hard14.6 miles
57.4 miles | Very Hard4.2 miles | Moderate2.8 miles | Easy14.4 miles
66.9 miles | Hard8.2 miles | Hard2.1 miles | Easy17.2 miles
74.7 miles | Easy3.6 miles | Moderate4.1 miles | Easy12.4 miles
82.6 miles | Easy5.9 miles | Moderate5.5 miles | Moderate14 miles
93.2 miles | Easy11.6 miles | Very Hard4.4 miles | Very Hard19.2 miles
103.8 miles | Easy7.3 miles | Hard4.0 miles | Very Hard15.1 miles
117.3 miles | Very Hard5.5 miles | Moderate7.9 miles | Very Hard20.7 miles
122.0 miles | Hard6.3 miles | Hard3.0 miles | Moderate11.3 miles

Friday, April 5, 2013

So I'm off to a great start on the blog thing, it been about a week and I've only post once. Go me. Anyway i went on my first bike ride of the year the on the 27th rode out to the lake and back around 12 miles or so and at mile 6 I got my first flat of the year. i hope that is not a sign of how my bike rides are going to be this year. But not all was lost i got some fun photos of the sun setting over the lake. see below.
I've been having a hard time swimming the last several day. I'm not really sure why I've only been doing about 500-900 meters when i go to the pool to swim. I cant tell if I'm just getting board or what. It's a little frustrating, I know i should be doing a bout 1500-2000 meter but i just cant seem to get myself there. hopefully i well have better luck next week. i don't have any fun pictures from the pool, not very many people what to see me in a swimming jammier. so here is one i found online.                                                       
I want to swim like him. Then i wouldn't have to share a lane with anyone